Teams & Vehicles


Information for the teams

The teams have to be made up of TWO over-age people (+16 years). Crew members under 18 must be accompanied by their legal guardians.


Optionally, they may carry as many passengers as the vehicle holds, but everyone must be +16 years. However, we don’t recommend surpassing the two passenger limit on the 88 models or the four passenger limit on the 109s.




The following models are admitted:


Land Rover Series I, II and III in all their versions

Lightweight in all their versions

Stage One

Land Rover Ninety

Land Rover One Ten

Land Rover 101 Forward Control

The approved version made in Belgium (Minerva)


Land Rover Santana (Series I, II, IIA, III, IIIA and IV) in all their versions

Santana 1300

Santana 2000

Military Versions







Trophies will be awarded to:
  • Navigation winner

  • Best team spirit reward (voted by the participants)

  • Best kept car

Self Care Vehicles

Each team registered will be entitled to register a vehicle of self-care. 

The inscription of these cars will have a special procedure and it will ALWAYS be necessary to have previously registered a team in a Series / Santana. Availability of assistance places for all teams is not guaranteed.

Admitted models as "self care vehicles" are:


  • Santana Anibal

  • Land Rover Defender

  • Range Rover Classic




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