2020 edition

Santana Trophy will be held from the 3rd to the 9th of October of 2020. 


We are shaping the itinerary for Santana Trophy 2020. Although the final description for each stage won't be available until a few weeks before the raid, this could be an example of how the stages are planned:


Saturday 3rd of October

Official Starting line in Almeria

Stage 0: Almeria-Nador-Camp#0

Road: XX km


Sunday 4th to Friday 9th

of October

6 stages in Morocco


Friday 9th of October

Stage 6.

Award ceremony

End of Raid



Stage Timing

This is a typical timing for a stage:


7.00 am

Breakfast for the participants


7.30am - 8.00am

Daily Briefing

The teams finish up the preparations for the stage.

Staggered stage start


9.00am - 07.00pm

Stage development

Free stop for lunch


03.00pm - 07.00pm

Gradual arrival of the teams at the end of the stage

Arrival of the sweeper car with the last cars

Possible bonus test (i.e.: camel, orientation, abilities)


Arrival time - ?

Repairs and fine-tuning of the vehicles for the next stage





10.00pm - ?

Laughs and stories by the fire



Land Rover spirit

At the end of each stage, the attention of everyone centers on the reserved area for the fine-tuning of the vehicles. Here, the roadbook and the landscapes give way to comradeship, to the know Land Rover spirit. The teams work on their mounts, in the replacement of components that give away with time, and they do this while helping each other and even offering replacements altruistically or in exchange for something else: a helpful push in the sand or something trivial but infinitely more suggestive, like a cold beer.  


It’s the moment for uniting forces to loosen screws that have been sealed for 30 years, the time to learn from the most enthusiastic and veteran Land Rover fans, while listening and sharing the millions of stories and adventures experienced during each stage.  


Hundreds of pieces accumulate in your garage and (this stays between us) 20% of them can’t even be used on your car… so make room for them in your Land Rover and bring them with you to Santana Trophy. Surely some other Land Rover fans will have use for them!




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